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A New Party For Nigeria is changing
We are a young and dynamic nation, where individual citizens strive hard to improve their lives and those of their families. Yet a culture of greed and corruption is holding us back, with trust in the government’s ability to create jobs and address basic needs at an all-time low.  The disappointment of people in their national government is understandable, as more than 100 million Nigerians are forced to live on less than 160 Naira per day.
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WE the true progressives and patriots determined to render service at all levels of governance; and to build a nation which will guarantee equal opportunity for all, mutual and peaceful co-existence, respect and understanding, eliminating all forms of discrimination and social injustice among Nigerians, rendering selfless service that will rekindle a deep sense of patriotism and nationalism; hereby make, enact and give the following constitution to ourselves for effective governance of our Party and promotion of its ideals, aims and objectives.
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Our Vision for a New Nigeria
When this democratic dispensation commenced in 1999, the federal government that emerged did not tell Nigerians what its vision was for the country; because the party that formed the government had none. And without a vision, that party at the centre has led Nigeria from one crisis to another, lurching deeper into political anarchy, economic decline and social disillusionment. A decade and a half later, nothing has changed. That ruling party has neither concrete plans for the security and advancement of Nigerians, nor the wherewithal to do so even if it had one. Suffice to say that it had thrived on the maxim; Promise nothing, do nothing.
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